St. Bartholomew's Church Council 2019

ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S Council 2019

Third row (l-r) Roger Krumrine, David Hoff (Vice President), Chuck Bock,

Second row (l-r) Korey Kuhn, Wendy Fritz (Council Secretary), Carl Bachman (Council President),

First row (l-r) Allen Gobrecht, Pastor Steven Thomas, Pat Berwager, Kim Trone

Council Duties - 2019

Jan. – March

April – June

July – Sept.

Oct. – Dec.

Ushers and Bell Ringers

Ring Bell at 9:00 am ea Sun.

Pew Usher – communion &                         

                      healing services




Team 1




Team 2




Team 3




Team 4

Offering/Clean Up

Take up Offering

Collect/refill attendance


Straighten Hymnals

Check paper/pencil supplies

     in the pews

Refill oil in candles and


Hold tray during communion










Team 4










Team 1










Team 2










Team 3


Take up offering

Pour wine during communion

Count number in attendance




Team 3




Team 4




Team 1




Team 2

Offering Counters

After service - Get offering plates from altar

Count money in church office



Team 2



Team 3



Team 4



Team 1




Team 1      Kim Trone and Pat Berwager


Team 2      Roger Krumrine and Korey Kuhn


Team 3      Chuck Bock and David Hoff


Team 4      Wendy Fritz and Allen Gobrecht


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