Worship Services

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Please view the schedule below for information regarding Worship on a specific Sunday.

Join Us on Sunday at 9:30 AM followed by Sunday School classes.

If you are unable to attend, Services will be Live Streamed Sunday at 9:30 AM

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Feb 14                Ash Wednesday   7:00PM

Feb 18                  1ST LENT               Mark 10: 17-31     First Last and Last First

Feb 25 HOPE       2ND LENT             Mark 10: 32-52      Bartimaeus Healed

Mar 3 CC              3RD LENT              Mark 12: 1-12(13-17)   Parable of the tenants

Mar 10                 4TH LENT             Mark 12: 28-44          Great

Mar 17 HOPE      5TH LENT             Mark 13: 1-8, 24-37     End of the Age

Community Lenten Service 3:00PM

Mar 24              Palm Sunday         Mark 11: 1-11 or Mark 14: 3-9    Triumphal Entry

Mar 28             Maundy Thursday - 7:00PM

Mar   29           Good Friday    -        7:00PM

Mar 31             Easter Sunday  -      6:30AM Easter Sunrise parking lot at Long Arm Dam

                                                             7:30AM Easter Breakfast at the church

                                                              9:30AM Easter worship at the church


Apr 7                                Acts 1: 1-14            You shall be my Witness

April 14                            Acts 3: 1-10            Peter Heals in Jerusalem

April 21                           Acts 17: 1-9             Thessalonians : 1-10     Church at Thessalonica

April 28     HOPE            Acts 18: 1-4            I Corinthians 1: 10-18       Church at Corinth


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