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Last Updated 11/28/2019

St. Bartholomew’s United Church (ELCA)

1204 Grand Valley Rd.

Hanover, PA 17331

(717) 632-1952

December 1, 2019 Announcements


WELCOME REGISTER On each pew is a blue covered welcome register. PLEASE open it and enter the information on the paper pad. Pass it on! This is a great way to welcome and greet each of the worshippers in your pew.


CHILDREN’S TIME After the Children’s Message, the children (Kindergarten age and under) will be invited to go to a classroom with attendants. They will return to the sanctuary during the Offertory Response. Attendants today: Sue Krumrine and Toni Null

THIS SUNDAY, December 1                                   NEXT SUNDAY, December 8

  9:00 am – HOPE Service                                            9:00 am – Worship/Faith Story

10:30 am – Sunday School                                         10:30 am – Sunday School 

11:15 am – Children’s Choir Grade 1+                      11:15 am – Children’s Choir Grade 1+

11:30 am – Decorating Church                                   11:30 am – HOPE Practice



Tuesday – Boy Scouts 6:30 pm

Wednesday – PAL, Yoga 5:30 pm, Choir 6:30 pm, Bells 7:30 pm

Thursday – Yoga 9:00 am

Saturday – Social Hall Reserved


NOISY SUNDAY Today the children will be collecting loose change during the offering time in the worship service.  The donations of your change or paper money will purchase Christmas gift cards for the teenagers who are clients at Hanover Area Council of Churches.


Poinsettias may be purchased to beautify the church during the Christmas season.  Multi-bloom 6” pots may be purchased for $11.00 or, instead of a flower, anyone interested may give a donation in any amount to the Hanover Cold Weather Shelter. Order/Donation forms and payment for poinsettias are due by today. Forms are available in the hallway.  There will also be a large envelope there to collect your order form/payment. Donations for the shelter will be collected through December 29th.  Poinsettias may be taken home after the Christmas Eve Service, Dec. 24th.


GETTING READY Today we will be getting ready for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We would appreciate volunteers to help in decorating the church after Sunday School.  All ages welcome especially a few strong men. Lunch will follow with pizza.


Christmas eve music volunteers  If you would like to participate in the music for our Christmas eve services, please let Marlene know.  We need instrumentalists and singers. Rehearsals are on Wednesday eves. At 6:30 pm or Sunday mornings at 8:15 am for singers.   

Sunday mornings at 10:15 am for instrumentalists. 


WELCA CHRISTMAS LUNCH Women of the Church will sponsor a soup and sandwich lunch at Homewood on Wednesday, December 18th at 11:30 am.   Volunteers are needed to push wheelchairs, furnish soups, sandwiches and cookies for this event.  Those attending will be our members living at Homewood plus friends of our ecumenical bible study group. All members of the church are invited – men as well as women.  A sign-up sheet will be in the hallway.


ON Remembrance Sunday, December 29th, during the 9:00 am worship service, you will have an opportunity to light a candle in memory or in honor of a loved one. Please light the candle when you arrive or during the prelude. The greeter will hand you a prayer request, complete it and place in container when you light the candle. Your request will be included in the prayers.


LOOKING AHEAD Sunday, January 5th, 2020, a 175th Year Reflection/Appreciation breakfast will follow the worship service. There will also be a 175th Year Celebration Presentation by Sarah Myers during worship. More info later.


DECEMBER’S SPECIAL ENVELOPE will raise money for Lutheran Disaster Response (Hurricane Relief). 


VETERAN/TROOP SUPPORT PROJECT We are collecting items to be placed in backpacks for homeless veterans and care kits to send to active troops for the holidays.  The local organization, For the Love of a Veteran, Inc., helps to support about 5,000 troops a month.  Items needed include:  single serve snacks, bug spray, brushes/combs, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry pods, Ziploc bags, coffee, tea, flavor water packets, t-shirts, socks, long johns, and sunscreen.  Place any donations in the boxes at the back of the church through today, as the kits will ship out later that week.  Please contact Erin Amoss at 717 634-8185, if you have any questions.  This project is being funded by seed money from Thrivent.


FREE CHRISTIAN YOGA CLASSES St. Bartholomew's offers free yoga to our members and everyone in our community.  Classes are Wednesdays at 5:30 pm and Thursdays at 9 am.


INCLEMENT WEATHER In case our worship needs to be cancelled due to weather conditions, the cancellation announcement can be found on our web page at An email will also be sent to everyone that currently receives the Newsletter by email. If you miss these announcements, you may call any council member for information or the Pastor at 717-476-9171.



PAL  Scalloped Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Pineapple or Pears, Sugar, Stevia packets, 64 oz. Juice

CLOTHING BANK Blankets (no crochet), Men’s warm hats and gloves, Family-Sized Toiletries, Clorox Wipes                                                             

CHANGING LIVES SHELTER    Long Johns L/XL/2XL, Women & Men's Warm Gloves, Sandwich Bags, Liquid Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Packets of Tissues



HELPING HANDS MINISTRY This ministry provides care, support and many services to our church family who are in need. If you are in need of assistance, please read the list of services posted on our bulletin boards. Examples of services provided are small home repairs, limited yard work, picking up prescriptions, transportation to appointments and much more. All you need to do is contact the church secretary if you or another member needs assistance. If you are interested in being a volunteer for this ministry, see Judy Mummert.



Homewood: Eileen Grothey, Phyllis Frock and Julia Mummert

Hanover Hall:  Mildred Raubenstine, Pat Wentz      The Brethren Home: Shelva Laughman

At Home:  Karen Brown, Robyn Duppins, Cindy, Lori Shaffer,  Jim Krumrine, Larry Bixler, Cynthia Waters, Marlene Redding, Harold Krumrine, Harold Bachman, Gladys Wildasin, Deb Sponseller, Cindy Graybill,  Lindsey Crawford, Leiland Smith, Amber Shaw, Katlyn Stremmel, Danielle Stislicki, Alan Sterner, Marleigh Myers,  Joe Moxley, Donna Spaide, Kim Shultz, Ryan Miller, Brandi Avery, Gordon Shank, Nevin & Daryl Raubenstine, Janice Kneller, Carson Giggard, Leurenna Myers, Rodney Sponseller, Sheila Ireland and grandchild, Bev Morningstar, Amy Beckman, Mary Slezosky, Jaimie Accaridi, Dale Grimm, William Wolf, Gary Waltman, Sheila Raubenstine, Rev. Russell Clark, Elizabeth Flickinger, Holly Owings, Sonya Kuhn, Brenda, Lisa. India Henry, Bonnie Furman, Keri, Lory, Michael Null, Dottie Waybright, Tyler, Megan Miller, Karen Amoss, Judy Mummert, Sadira Stallings, Kyle Andrew Meyer, Penny Brown, Sharon & husband, Connie, Rebecca Summers.  In the military service: Marcus Gobrecht, Mark Reever, Joshua Mummert, Alex Berwager and Doug Shaffer.





Worship Assistant

Scripture Reader


Screen Presenter


  1 – Ruth Neiderer

Allison Bowersox

Noah Kuhn

Liz Mickley


  8 – Donald Sterner

Allen Gobrecht

Keegan Groft

Erin Porter


15 – Toni Null

Valerie Budacz

Ethan Foreman

Brad Neiderer


22 – Glenn Gobrecht


Mikenna Avery

Kelly Kuhn


24 – DeAnn Books

Liz Mickley

Abbey Jemison

Amy Gobrecht


29 – Liz Kielley

Chris Gunnell

Sam Jemison

Heather Bair







Worship Sound

Children’s Message

(during sermon)

Children’s Time




  1 – Shaun Saltzgiver

Ruth Neiderer

Sue Krumrine and Toni Null




  8 – Barry Berwager

Chris Myers

Amy Gobrecht and Faye Gobrecht




15 – Brad Neiderer

Glenn Gobrecht

Tara Bryan and Emily Beyer




22 – Brian Butters

Pat Berwager

Lindsey Crawford and Karen Cramer




24 – Shaun Saltzgiver

Faye Gobrecht

Amy Wetzel and Kelly Kuhn




29 – Barry Berwager

Ruth Neiderer

Chris Myers and Diane Buvia





Greeter Teams:  December – Toni Null & Darryl Hann

We need a Greeter Team for January.  Please let Ruth Neiderer or church office know if you can help with this.

AMAZON SMILE Great news! St. Bartholomew’s is now registered on AmazonSmile.

With AmazonSmile our church earns 5% on the purchase of tens of millions of products.

By using the AmazonSmile website, our church will receive a direct deposit into the general checking account on a quarterly basis from Amazon. Funds generated will go directly into the budget and be used to assist with meeting the church’s needs.

There are several ways you can use your Amazon purchases to raise funds for the church:

·           Visit the website

·           Go to  and search for St. Bartholomews United Church Elca, Hanover, PA

·           Click on the link posted on our Website

·           Click the link on our Facebook  page

After using one of these methods to connect with AmazonSmile, shop as you normally would on Amazon. While shopping you will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages.

So, spread the word, post on your social media and tell your friends this is an easy way to raise funds for our church by doing what tons of us do any way, shopping on Amazon.

We will be making announcements and providing handouts in the coming weeks for anyone that would like assistance.



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