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St. Bartholomew’s United Church (ELCA)

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October 11, 2020 Announcements




Sunday – Confirmation Class 6:30 pm     Wednesday – Prayer & Care (Zoom) 7:00 pm


thank you! to Edna Sterner for all the years she was our PAL coordinator!  Thank you, Toni Null and Darryl Hann, for agreeing to be the new PAL coordinators for St. Bartholomew's.  This is a fantastic ministry and we thank you so much for keeping it on track!


HARVEST BLESSING SUNDAY next Sunday, October 18th at 9:30 am.  At this time HACC is in need of items for their lunch program due to Covid. Please see the following list. (No Canned foods as in the past).  Plastic utensils, Napkins, Individual prepackaged fruit cups or applesauce, canned meat such as tuna, chicken or spam, individual bags of chips and styrofoam containers for take-out meals (Available at Sam's Club). We will collect donations Sunday the 18th and the 25th.  Place items in the wagon in the rear of the church.  If you are not comfortable shopping, you may make a monetary donation (payable to St. Bartholomew’s) Please put in a sealed envelope and mark it HACC. Our blessings and generosity are meant to be shared with those in need.  Thank you for your donations!


THE ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING will be held on Sunday, November 1st 

after the worship service.  The agenda will be: the 2021 budget and election of new council members.  Copies of the proposed budget will be available mid-October.  If you have any questions regarding the proposed budget, please see Glenn Gobrecht or a council member. 


OUTDOOR WORSHIP at 8:30 am each Sunday in the pavilion area if weather permits.  (Any mist, drizzle/rain service will be cancelled.) Please take it upon yourself to determine the proper time for you to return to in person worship.  We recommend that you do not attend this in person service if you are feeling ill or susceptible to becoming ill due to health-related issues.  Please bring your own chair or blanket.  Social distancing (6ft) is a MUST!  Families may sit together but others please sit 6 ft. apart.  Masks would be appreciated.  Hand sanitizer and masks will be available.  The bathroom will be available in church.  Please one person using the bathroom at a time.  If you are socializing following the service it is still IMPORTANT to stay 6 ft. apart. We strongly discourage any physical contact. (Hug, handshakes, etc.)  The last outdoor worship service will be held on October 18th.


THE LITTLESTOWN AREA MUNICIPAL BAND, under the direction of Ben Messinger, will present a concert on October 18th beginning at 2 PM at Crouse Park in Littlestown, PA. (In case of inclement weather – temperature below 60 or rain – the concert will be cancelled.) A free will offering will be accepted and audience should bring lawn chairs for seating.?


Trunk or Treat We will be hosting a socially distanced Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, October 31st from 3:00-5:00 pm. Rain date will be Sunday, November 1st from 3:00-5:00 pm.  We are in need of people to decorate their cars for this event.  If you are willing to decorate please email  A sign-up sheet will also be posted in the church once we return to indoor services. We are asking that the candy be placed in some type of bowl rather than handing it to the children.  All people and children participating in this event must have a mask.  Children will need to follow a predetermined path, and remain socially distanced.  If you need help supplying the candy please email Christian Ed and we can assist. Cars participating in the event should arrive between 2:30-2:45 pm for set up.


Annual Quilt Auction The Lutheran Camping Corporation will be holding their annual quilt auction online this year, November 1-8th.   This fun-filled week of bidding raises money for the LCC Endowment Fund, which helps to financially sustain their fine ministry activities. For more information or to donate an item please go to:


YOGA New recorded yoga classes are available each week on Thursday mornings.? A link for these sessions can be found on our website:




OCTOBER’S SPECIAL ENVELOPE OFFERING will raise money for Four Diamonds (THON).  THON is a student-run philanthropy committed to enhancing the life of children and families impacted by childhood cancer.  Their mission is to provide emotional and financial support, spread awareness and ensure funding for critical research – all in pursuit of a cure.


THANK YOU! September’s special envelope offering collected $480.00 for the Gideons.


HEALTH KITS We are continuing to collect items for Lutheran World Relief Health kits.   They are distributed throughout the world where needed.  Natural disasters or displacement affecting people happen all the time and these items help give those who suffer these events, dignity and cleanliness.  There is an even greater need for these items at this time.  The explosion at the docks of Beirut, Lebanon destroyed thousands of these kits.  Lutheran World Relief later relayed that our last year’s kits were found to be in tact in Beirut after the bombing though many others were destroyed. Thanks be to God our donation was saved.)


One light weight bath towel (Minimum 20”x40”) maximum (52” by 27”)

Two bath size bars of soap in original wrapping

One sturdy comb (no picks, please.)

One metal nail clipper (Attached file is optional)

One toothbrush

(Additional bars of bath soap are also needed so any extra soap we collect can be used by LWR.)

Any monetary gifts towards these kits can be given to Don or Edna Sterner.  Thanks to all who donated school kits.  Items for those kits can still be accepted.  The containers will be outside the church for another few weeks.


BLANKETS We will be collecting blankets, quilts, or blanket money through October to mid-November when we deliver all the items collected in the kits and blanket campaign to New Windsor for shipment to places where they are needed.  Blankets/Quilts should be 60” x 80”. $10.00 still buys a simple blanket.   Money can be given to Edna Sterner or placed into an envelope marked BLANKETS and placed in the offering plates.



PAL   Spaghetti sauce, Ziploc bags-sandwich size, Clam shell (hinged foam) containers,

           Plastic food prep gloves

CHANGING LIVES SHELTER   Volunteers 4-7pm, Disinfectant wipes w/bleach, feminine                                                                 products, body wash and mouthwash (non-alcohol)

RUTH’S HARVEST   All single serve Entrees Cereal, juice boxes, snack or veggies

HACC (in general) Lysol spray/disinfecting spray, cloth masks, volunteers for reception area



Homewood: Eileen Grothey and Phyllis Frock

The Brethren Home: Shelva Laughman

At Home:  Robyn Duppins, Cindy, Lori Shaffer,  Jim Krumrine, Larry Bixler, Cynthia Waters, Marlene Redding, Harold Krumrine, Gladys Wildasin, Deb Sponseller, Lindsey Crawford, Leiland Smith, Amber Shaw, Katlyn Stremmel, Danielle Stislicki, Alan Sterner, Marleigh Myers,  Joe Moxley, Donna Spaide, Ryan Miller, Brandi Avery, Daryl Raubenstine, Janice Kneller, Rodney Sponseller, Sheila Ireland, Jaimie Accaridi, Dale Grimm, Gary Waltman, Sheila Raubenstine, Rev. Russell Clark, Elizabeth Flickinger, Holly Owings, Sonya Kuhn, Brenda, Lisa, India Henry, Keri, Lory, Michael Null, Dottie Waybright, Tyler, Megan Miller, Karen Amoss, Judy Hartz, Kyle Andrew Meyer, Penny Brown, Sharon & husband, Connie, Rebecca Summers, Barry Baney, Doug Hilker, Bruce Smith, Barb Butler, Janel Hargest, Eileen Becker, Ruth Gunnell, Tammy Hershey, Todd Sager, Ted Becker, Sister Mary Catherine Warehime, Caeden DelVuo, Lukas DelVuo, Patrick DelVuo, Anthony, Donna, Jeff Fritz, Amy Dayhoff, Bob Seneft, Steve Bjonnes, Mya Goss, Mikenna Avery, family of Karen Brown, Logan Meyer, Stacy, Tyler, Shelley Helm, Bruce Shaffer, Dolores Litvak, Tony Noble, Kim Becker, Brad Neiderer, Sarah Hann and Carson Trone.

In the military service: Marcus Gobrecht, Mark Reever, Joshua Mummert, Alex Berwager and Doug Shaffer. 












Worship Assistant

Scripture Reader 

Children’s Sermon 

11 – Liz Mickley

Kim Trone

Glenn Gobrecht

18 – Emily Beyer


Faye Gobrecht 

  25 – Karen Amoss

Paul Krumrine

Liz Kielley

            Nov. 1 – Sheila Ireland

Melissa Foreman

Pastor Steve



Worship Sound

Zoom Host

11 – Mikenna Avery

Glenn Gobrecht

Kim DelVuo

18 – Ethan Foreman

Barry Berwager

Amy Wetzel

25 – Sam Jemison

Ryne Barrall

Sonya Kuhn

Nov. 1 – Olivia Wetzel

Barry Berwager

Ruth Neiderer


From County of York, Pennsylvania -Area Agency on Aging

Coming Soon….Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment Period (October 15th – December 7th)

During Open Enrollment, Medicare beneficiaries have the option to compare and switch their current Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Drug Plan with new upcoming plans for 2021.


Why should you get a free comparison?

Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D Prescription Drug Plans can change yearly. Premiums, deductibles, cost sharing, and drug formulary updates are just a few of the things that can change with your plan. Open Enrollment only happens once a year, so it’s important to take advantage of this time period and make sure your plan fits your needs and budget. Even if you’re happy with your current plan, it’s always a good idea to compare your options or review your plan to see what changes will happen in 2021.


APPRISE can help!

APPRISE is the State Health Insurance Assistance Program in Pennsylvania, providing free, unbiased insurance counseling to people on Medicare. APPRISE counselors are specifically trained to answer any questions about your coverage. They provide clear, easy to understand information about your Medicare options and can assist in comparing plans for 2021. APPRISE counselors also explore if you qualify for any financial assistance programs to get help paying for your prescription drugs or Part B premium.


In an effort to protect our clients and counselors from community spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19,) all plan comparisons will be conducted remotely. Appointments are required so please call the York County Area Agency on Aging at 717-771-9042 or 1-800-632-9073 today to speak with an APPRISE counselor and schedule your free comparison!













St. Bartholomew’s United Church (ELCA) 

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