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St. Bartholomew’s United Church (ELCA)

1204 Grand Valley Rd.

Hanover, PA 17331

(717) 632-1952

January 20, 2019 Announcements


WELCOME REGISTER On each pew is a blue covered welcome register. PLEASE open it and enter the information on the paper pad. Pass it on! This is a great way to welcome and greet each of the worshippers in your pew.



CHILDREN’S TIME After the Children’s Message, the children (Kindergarten age and under) will be invited to go to a classroom with attendants. They will return to the sanctuary during the Offertory Response. Attendants today: Tara Bryan and Emily Beyer



MEMBERS AND VISITORS are invited for a time of tasty refreshments and casual conversation downstairs in the fellowship hall following worship.


THIS SUNDAY, January 20                                    NEXT SUNDAY, January 27

  9:00 am – Worship/Communion                                 9:00 am – HOPE Worship

10:30 am – Sunday School                                            New Member Reception                  

10:30 am – New Member Class                                                                                                                                  10:30 am – Sunday School

11:15 am – Children’s Choir 1st Grade +                   11:15 am – Children’s Choir 1st Grade +

11:30 am – HOPE Practice                                           6:00 pm – Confirmation at St. David’s                                                                                                                   


Tuesday – Women of the Church at Homewood 1:00 pm

Wednesday –Yoga 5:30 pm, Choir 6:30 pm, Bells 7:30 pm

Thursday – Yoga 9:00 am, Church Dir. Pictures 1:00 pm

Friday – Church Dir. Pictures

Saturday – Church Dir. Pictures, Hoss’s Fundraiser for Family Camp


annual reports year-end committee reports need to be given to the office by the end of January.  Thank you!


NEW MEMBER CLASS Today, during the Sunday School hour, Pastor Steve will be offering a New Member Class for anyone who would like to join St. Bartholomew's.  We will be discussing the theological background of Lutheranism (which is actually more interesting than it may sound).  Also, the many various ministries and history of St. Bartholomew's.  Please let Pastor Steve know if you are interested or just show up in the second classroom on the right downstairs.


CARE COMMITTEE New members for this committee would be appreciated to assist the current members.  The Care Committee is responsible for sending birthday cards to members 65+ years of age, creating Christmas baskets for shut-ins and assisting in their delivery and they provide gifts for baptisms. Please see council president, Carl Bachman, if you are interested in joining this worthwhile committee.


DIRECTORY PHOTOS are this week!  If you need a reminder of when your appointment is please contact Amy Wetzel (717-965-6953).  If you have not scheduled, please contact Amy Wetzel asap.  There are still time slots available!


WOMEN OF THE CHURCH will meet on Tuesday, January 22nd, at Homewood in the Creekside activity room. The meeting begins at 1:00 pm and includes bible study and fellowship. For a ride, call Marlene at 717-637-0185.


HOSS’S FUNDRAISER FOR FAMILY CAMP AT NAWAKWA We are excited to team up with Hoss's Steak and Sea House to raise money for this year’s family camp. Please consider visiting Hoss's on 1/26/2019 to help us in raising money to offset the cost for those from St. Bartholomew’s attending Family Camp at Nawakwa.  Present the flyer on January 26th at the Hoss's in Hanover.  Hoss's will then donate 20% or 25% of your total check paid to St. Bartholomew’s for family camp.  Flyers are located in the hallway.


A Women’s Retreat will be held at St Matthew Lutheran Church, 32 W. Chestnut St.  Hanover, PA on Saturday, January 26th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Worship, Bible Study, a craft and a special speaker will be part of the event.  A lunch of lasagna – choices of meat or vegetarian will be served. The cost is $15.00. If you are interested in attending please call Jan Davis 717-637-7101. Bring a bible, note pad and pen.  Call before Friday, Jan. 25th to register. 


A RACIAL JUSTICE WORKSHOP will be held on January 26th, 9 am – 2 pm at St. Matthew’s in York.  Lunch will be provided.  Please see Pastor Steve for more information.


SUPPORTING GRIEVING YOUTH Olivia’s House, a grief and loss center for children, will be providing education for our community on what the bereavement process looks like, especially in children.  They will also discuss ways to supplement the natural healing process through coping strategies and rituals.  This will take place on January 27th at 6:00 pm at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Hanover, Room 201.  Youth activities and child care will be provided.  No reservation is required.  Please contact Christine Peck at 717-476-9977 or for more information.


A SEMINARY TRIP has been planned for February 13th from 9 am to 2 pm.  We will leave from St. B’s at 8:15 am.  There will be a tour of the United Lutheran Seminary – Gettysburg Campus, Holy Communion Service, lunch and a tour of the Seminary Ridge Museum.  The cost is $15 per person, which covers lunch and the tour of museum.  Please make checks payable to “St. Bartholomew’s United Church” with “Tour” in the memo area.  There is a sign-up sheet in the hallway, along with an envelope to place payment in. Please sign up by February 10th.


SAVE THE DATE FOR FAMILY CAMP St. Bartholomew’s is again inviting our families with children to attend Family Camp at Camp Nawakwa from July 14-20.  This free gift also includes grandparents who want to bring their grandchildren who are children of St. Bartholomew’s.  Please see Pastor Steve with any questions.


THANK YOU to the Alton and Dorothy Munshaur Estate for their gift of $50,193.79 this past December and $27,086.39 in February 2018.

FREE CHRISTIAN YOGA CLASSES St. Bartholomew's offers free yoga to our members and everyone in our community.  The instructor, Carrie, integrates a Christian spiritual intention throughout the exercise so that the class also brings a peaceful, insightful experience.  Classes are on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm and Thursdays at 9:00 am.


HELPING HANDS MINISTRY This ministry provides care, support and many services to our church family who are in need. If you are in need of assistance, please read the list of services posted on our bulletin boards. Examples of services provided are small home repairs, limited yard work, picking up prescriptions, transportation to appointments and much more. All you need to do is contact the church secretary if you or another member needs assistance. If you are interested in being a volunteer for this ministry, see Judy Mummert.



PAL    Scalloped Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Sugar, Ketchup, Coffee, Coffee Creamer

CLOTHING BANK   Blankets (no crochet), Towels, Sheets (Queen), Family-Sized                                              Toiletries, Clorox Wipes

CHANGING LIVES SHELTER    Sweats M/F-M/L/XL, Hand towels, Liquid Soup, Hand                                                       Sanitizer

RUTH’S HARVEST All single serving please!  Entrées and Drinks


A Menu Coordinator for PAL lunch is needed.  This volunteer position would entail approx. 4-5 hours per week.  Please call the Hanover Area Council of Churches at 717-633-6353 if interested.


HANOVER CARES: HOUSE THE HOMELESS MARATHON will take place on Feb. 7th and 8th on WHVR 1280 AM.  Hanover Area Council of Churches is asking for anyone who can come and be on the air with them who has talent singing, playing an instrument etc. and would like to help them reach their goal of $10,0000.  If you have a talent and want to be a part of Hanover Cares please give the HACC office a call at 717-655-6353. (Feb. 7th – Noon through the 7 pm hour and Feb. 8th – 8:00 am through the 3:00 pm hour.)



Homewood: Eileen Grothey, Julia Mummert and Phyllis Frock

Hanover Hall: Mildred Raubenstine

The Brethren Home: Shelva Laughman

At Home:  Karen Brown, Robyn Duppins, Cindy, Lori Shaffer,  Jim Krumrine, Larry Bixler, Cynthia Waters, Marlene Redding, Harold Krumrine, Harold Bachman, Gladys Wildasin, Deb Sponseller, Cindy Graybill,  Lindsey Crawford, Leiland Smtih, Jimmy Bryan, Amber Shaw, Katlyn Stremmel, Danielle Stislicki, Alan Sterner, Marleigh Myers,  Frank & Hazel George, Paul Chronister, Joe Moxley, Donna Spaide, Kim Shultz, Vicki Creamer, Gordie Sager, Ryan Miller, Brandi Avery, Vickie Gobrecht, Pat Berwager, Gordon Shank, Nevin & Daryl Raubenstine, Janice Kneller, Carson Giggard, the Norris Family, Leurenna Myers, Rodney Sponseller, Benjamin Summers, Bobby & Sheila Ireland and grandchild, Carl Gobrecht, Ned Coates and George Morningstar  In the military service: Ryan Baummer, Marcus Gobrecht, Shea Mumma, Mark Reever, Joshua Mummert, Alex Berwager and Doug Shaffer.




Worship Assistant

Scripture Reader


Screen Presenter

20 – Faye Gobrecht

Sadira Stallings

Abbey Jemison

Judy Mummert

27 – Ruth Neiderer


Sam Jemison

Kelly Kuhn

  3 – Toni Null

Carrie Hoff

Olivia Wetzel

Katie Higgins

 10 – Liz Kielley

Hailey Kuhn

Cade Baumgardner

Heather Bair



Worship Sound

Children’s Message     (during sermon)

Children’s Time

20 – Brad Neiderer

Kelly Kuhn

Tara Bryan and Emily Beyer

27 – Toni Null

Ruth Neiderer

Amy Wetzel and Kelly Kuhn

  3 – Brian Butters

Pastor Steve

Lindsey Crawford and Karen Cramer

10 – Barry Berwager

Chris Myers

Chris Myers and Diane Buvia



Greeter Ministry:  January - Dave & Carrie Hoff       February – Ted & Eileen Becker


INCLEMENT WEATHER In case our worship needs to be cancelled due to weather conditions, the cancellation announcement can be found on our web page at An email will also be sent to everyone that currently receives the Newsletter by email. If you miss these announcements, you may call any council member for information or the Pastor at 717-476-9171.


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