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Rev. Steven E. Thomas, Pastor

Rev. Steven E. Thomas, Pastor

     Pastor Steven Thomas was born in Houston, Texas. He graduated from New Mexico Tech with a BS in Chemistry. He was working as a chemist in Baltimore for a few years, and then decided to pursue the dream of being a pastor. In 1993, Pastor Steve graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.

      Pastor Steve enjoys hiking, kayaking, and reading. Pastor Steve’s passion is always looking for greater understanding - especially in how our expanding scientific knowledge reveals additional wonders of God.

      Some of his favorite books are The Bible (of course), Awareness by Anthony DeMello, One Minute Nonsense by Anthony DeMello, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, E=mc2 by David Bodanis, and the Tolkein trilogy.

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“Remember That You Are Dust”


            “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

We begin the season of Lent with these words.  These words are a sobering reminder that you will not live forever.

     On the one hand, you should not take yourself too seriously.  Taking yourself too seriously often results in the sin of self-centeredness.  As though the only things that matter in life are the things that are associated with you – and your comfort – and your interests.  One of the oldest definitions of sin is “an inward turning”.

     The opposite of that, would be an outward turning.  A looking outside of yourself – and considering how your actions, your words, or your thoughts might affect people around you or the world around you.  This is the part where it might be a little more useful to take yourself a little more seriously.  Your sin – your self-centeredness can do alot of damage.

     Jesus’ answer to all of these worries is to forgive.  It seems a rather simple answer to all of the complexities of our sin – and yet, forgiveness is the divine answer to the deepest ailment of your life.  First, there is forgiveness of others (as best you can).  I liken forgiveness to “understanding”.  If you can look outside of yourself and your own interests long enough to truly see the other person – the person who you feel has wronged you – then you might be able to see where they are hurting.  And this can dampen your anger toward them.

     And then there is forgiveness of yourself.  Sometimes we get caught up in our own emotions and interests and say or do something that we later regret.  So then, Jesus offers you forgiveness.  And from this position of forgiveness, you are better able to do what you can do to create wholeness in your world.

     “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  These words should remind you that you are a temporary being in this world.  (Yes, you get to live forever in heaven – but those ashes have to do with this world and your spiritual development in this life.)  And so, each of us should try to use this one precious, but temporary life to foster those things that are eternal – that shine beyond ourselves – actions and words that foster hope, and joy, and love, and grace.  Those things that speak of the Spirit of God within you.

     May this season of Lent give you insight and wisdom – and grace.

     In the Name of Jesus.



- Pastor Steve

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